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Current cancellation regulation for your carefree winter holiday

ALSO FOR YOUR WINTERHOLIDAY! All bookings are cancelled free of charge in connection with corona measures up to 1 day before arrival. For all bookings until 30.04.2022 you have a free cancellation up to 7 days before arrival.

Current Corona Regulation
This applies from 08 November

  1. Wherever 3G currently applies to customers/guests, 2G will then apply
    Leisure activities, hotels, gastronomy but also nachgastro, après-ski, etc.
  2. Exceptions in the accommodation sector (3G is sufficient for 1-6):
    1. Persons already in accommodation at the time of entry into force of this provision for the duration of accommodation agreed in advance with the accommodation provider
    2. for the purpose of caring for and providing assistance to persons in need of support
    3. for professional reasons that cannot be postponed
    4. to satisfy an urgent need for housing.
    5. Spa guests in a health resort
    6. Patients in a rehabilitation facility that is used as an accommodation facility with an attached outpatient clinic in accordance with § 2 para. 1 Z 5 KAKuG is organized
    7. Pupils for the purpose of school attendance and students for study purposes (boarding schools, apprentice dormitories and student dormitories; no proof required).
  3. A Corona Test Pass of the schools (Ninja Pass) is valid for persons who are subject to compulsory schooling (9th grade), in the week in which the test intervals are observed, also on Friday, Saturday and Sunday of this week as 2Gproof.
  4. 2G for events of 25 people or more (whether assigned seats or not)
  5. Until 06 December, 1 stitch in combination with a valid PCR test is equivalent to a 2G detection.
  6. Antibody tests are not valid evidence of low epidemiological hazard
  7. FFP2 mask requirement in retail, museums and libraries
  8. In the workplace, 3G continues to apply,whereby antigen tests may only come from authorized bodies and until 15.11. alternatively, the FFP2 mask can be worn if 3G detection is not possible. Antibody tests are not allowed. From 08.11. Employees in restaurants of post-catering or après-ski or at events without assigned seats over 500 people need a 2G certificate or alternatively a valid PCR test in combination with an FFP2 mask when contacting customers.
  9. The vaccination certificates are valid from 06.12. no longer 12, but only 9 months from full immunization. The vaccination of Johnson & Johnson, which was originally designed as a one-time immunization, is only valid until 03 – unless it has been re-vaccinated. January

Online reservation

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If you make a binding reservation, you will receive a confirmation email with all information regarding deposit and other information. Remaining payment in advance by bank transfer, on site in cash or by card.

You can already register from home at the following link and you do not have to fill in a form on arrival.

Pre CheckIn

Pia is completely new – your personal holiday companion. There are 2 ways to get to your PIA.

  1. You fill in the mail address in the registration, then you will receive an invitation to download PIA a few days before the start of your holiday.
  2. You can download PIA immediately via the following link.

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