HOLIDAY + Free garage parking space for each room


Strengthened and vital in the day

The day starts well. This, or something like it, will be your reaction when you explore our breakfast buffet.

A very rich breakfast buffet awaits you, which offers everything your heart desires. Fresh bread and pastries from the Mühlbacher Biobäcker are already the perfect start to the day. Real farm butter or organic butter and 5 varieties of homemade jams offer a taste experience you probably haven’t experienced before.

If you want to be more hearty, you will find high-quality sausages from the regional butcher and cheese specialities from the Salzburger Land. And if it does not come from Salzburg, then at least from Austria, we attach particular importance to that. Also always on the buffet, fresh boiled eggs from the local egg farmer. And so that it is not boring, order one of our egg specialties, with or without fried bacon, just as you like!

The very conscious are happy about the vital corner with various cereals and grains, Salzburg dairy products or organic rice and oat milk as a vegan alternative. Excellent fruit and vegetable juices complete the generous selection.

The early bird catches the worm, with us he/she gets a thermal breakfast that leaves nothing to be desired. You want to go very early to a mountain tour, for example on the Hochkönig, then you order a thermal breakfast the night before and can have breakfast early in the morning or take your snack with you for the road.